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Specialists in CNC machine tool control, servo motor & servo drive solutions

With over 30 years experience in using, selling and servicing CNC machines including 20 years in the CNC control retrofit business, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge that could help your business become more efficient. Whether you are considering buying a new CNC lathe, milling machine or machining centre or upgrading the CNC control on an existing machine, talk to us first.

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  • CNC Retrofits
  • Control Design & Build
  • PLC Integration
  • DNC Communication

Specialists in CNC machine tool retrofits, servo & SCIM motor control.

We are CNC control, motion control system, servo drive, servo motor, inverter and PLC suppliers and integrators focused on the machine tool market and related engineering industries. Whatever motor needs to be controlled, AC or DC servo or any induction motor, we have the right drive to do it.. Whether it is a new machine you need or an old machine that requires updating, we probably have the right solution.

Mechtronics was started by Gerard Fitz-Gerald in 1988 and incorporated as a company in 1994. Initially, the business was based on CNC machine tool repairs, installation and programming. Having been associated with an Okuma dealership for 6 years in the role of technical support, most of the business was built around the Okuma OSP2200, OSP3000 and OSP5000 controls.

Numerical Control systems are a quickly evolving technology with new hardware bringing high speed motion control at relatively lower cost than many proprietary systems. Part of this advancement of high speed along with lower cost has became possible with the advent of the PC based Numerical Control systems. A standard PC motherboard equipped with a PCI or USB based motion control card has brought about a new generation of controls that has freed the end user from the constraints of proprietary systems of expensive hardware, small memory and very little or cumbersome interactive programming facilities. In addition to the lower cost are advanced features such as 3D digitizing, powerful interactive programming, DXF import and many more. The Centroid M400 control is one example having a Linux or Windows7 platform.

The Centroid control has been the basis of one line of development for Mechtronics over the last 20 years or so during which time over 120 systems have been built in New Zealand. The combination of the Centroid control with some of the better machines out of Taiwan has proved to be successful. With approximately 135 Centroid systems in the field, the machines have performed exceptionally well for the end users from day one. Many have never failed from the day they were installed over 15 years ago. This reputation for reliability as well as ease of use has brought much return business.


  • CNC Retrofits for lathes, mills and machining centres
  • Special purpose control design & build
  • DNC Communication solutions
  • Electronic repairs
  • PLC integration
  • Motor control: Open Loop, Closed Loop Vector or Servo Mode.